Aesthetics Aside: Observations on Design in the Everyday

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From riding escalators in a city to chart its ascent to visiting a factory that manufactures plastic chairs used everywhere, this collection of 30 essays chronicle Justin Zhuang’s decade-long search for design in the everyday. Each offers a journey beyond the stylish “designer” world, on to the designed graphics, environments and objects that we encounter daily.

The essays cover four themes, including the nature of design, the histories of anonymous objects, as well as design and urban development in Singapore.

Design never looked so ordinary, and extraordinary.

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Published by In Plain Words
Essays by Justin Zhuang
Designed by H55 Studio

180 x 110 x 18 mm
234pp, 188g
OTA Bind; Soft cover
Published in April 2022

ISBN 978-981-18-4284-9